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Beijing photo exhibition on display in Minsk

The Beijing as Seen by Belarusian Photographers exhibition will open at the Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery on 15 January. The project is organized in collaboration with the press center of the People’s Government of Beijing and Beijing This Month magazine with the support of the Belarusian Embassy in China, BelTA has learned from the organizers of the event.

The Beijing as Seen by Belarusian Photographers project was organized in June 2019 by the information office at the Beijing municipal government and the Belarusian Embassy in China. It is an updated version of the landmark World Photographers Focusing on Beijing cultural exchange that started in Beijing in 1999. Since then, more than 100 photographers from more than 50 countries have been invited to visit the city and take photos of its sights. More than 100 pictures taken by Belarusian photographers will be put on display at the exhibition. Among them are the works of Svetlana Makarevich, Olga Shukailo, Artem Kireev, Sergei Plytkevich and Yuri Velitchenko. They spent 10 days in China’s capital, observing the life of the big city and capturing all kinds of extraordinary moments.

The five Belarusian photographers focused on Beijing’s modern urban landscape, and the life and work of its residents. They traveled around the city, visiting the world cultural heritage sights, prominent creative and industrial clusters, various industrial sites, high-tech functional areas, modern tourist attractions and Olympic Games venues. The exhibition in Beijing that will now be put on display in Minsk is the wrap-up of their work.

The exposition is made up of 4 sections. The first one, called Historic Heritage, demonstrates Beijing’s ancient history. The second section, Modern Landmarks and Life, sheds some light on the city’s achievements in the continuous improvement of urban technology and spatial locations, and also in turning the capital into an excellent harmonious place for living. The Cultural Center section features the heritage of the museums, theaters, galleries, art centers, cultural creative parks and many other places in Beijing that reflect the style of the capital city, its antique charm and the unique features of each era. The Happy Life section is dedicated to hospitable city dwellers, inimitable urban culture and local traditions.

The exhibition will stay open until 2 February.

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